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Church in Crisis

My purpose in preparing this letter and sending it to you is initially to express my anger and frustration at the continuing and ever-widening revelations of credible evidence of sexual abuse of children and seminarians by clergy in the Catholic Church as well as the failure of the hierarchy to address these deeds in a timely and transparent manner. Equally important is the damage that these revelations are causing to the reputation of the Church and its ability to carry out its sacred role of spreading the word of God, ministering to the needy and providing hope to a world struggling with discontent and pain.

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Christianity and Guns

Most of the debate about guns in this country focuses on public policy issues: the extent and limits of the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment, the wisdom and efficacy of various gun control and gun safety measures, how to deal with mental illness and crime, public funding for gun-related research, and so on. What is often missing is the religious dimension of the issue.

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Supporting the Peace Tax Fund

Help us spread the word about the Peace Tax.

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On Purpose, in Kabul – Kathy Kelly

<p>Borrowed with permission from <a href=""></a><a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank"></a> <br></p> <p>June 26, 2018</p> <p>Writing this week for the Chicago Tribune, Steve Chapman called a U.S. Government report on the war in Afghanistan “<u><a href="">a chronicle of futility</a></u>.” “The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction” <u><a href="">report</a> </u>says the U.S. spent large sums “in search of quick gains” in regional stabilization – but these instead “exacerbated conflicts, enabled corruption and bolstered support for insurgents.”</p> <p>“In short,” says Chapman, the U.S. government “made things worse rather than better.”</p> <p>Gai...</p></p>

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Easter and Nonviolence

My experience of Eastertide 2018 was enhanced by the book, Resurrecting Easter: How the West Lost and the East Kept the Original Easter Vision, by John and Sarah Crossan.

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