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A Recommendation: 'Confronting Racism in Our Hearts and in Our Nation'

By Lauren Brownlee

I greatly appreciated the Georgetown program "Confronting Racism in Our Hearts and in Our Nation," which was held on November 13, 2017. It featured a deeply moving panel of experts who discussed racism as a social sin. Here were some of my favorite notes from the program (I took them so quickly I can't be sure they are exact quotes): 

·  Archbishop Wilton Gregory

  • Racism is a spiritual difficulty.
  •  We confuse public actions with human conversion.
  • Pope Francis shows us that the role of faith is to accompany people - to walk with them and to challenge them. Dr. King did that too. (He was a minister of the gospel).
  • Don't lose hope.

·  Professor Marcia Chatelain

  • It is significant when someone has a moral choice and chooses against the dignity of others.
  • It is important to consider the consequences of our power on others' dignity. 
  • We need to sit with negative emotions, and grapple with them, in order to heal. 
  • We need to say tough things that call people in instead of out.
  • Justice must be joyful.
  • Moral imagination is important. 
  • We all must consider what harm we have done and how we can work to repair it.
  • We need love that is willing to risk. Where is each of us called to risk?
  • Don't accept surface-level solutions.
  • Racism has two functions - to discipline and to humiliate. 

·  Reverend Jim Wallis

  • What's at stake is the soul of the nation and the integrity of faith. 
  • Racism is a continuing threat to Imago Dei.
  • Don't retreat to cynicism. 

·  Congressman John Lewis

  • The Church should be a headlight not a taillight. 
  • The way of love is a much better way. Just love everyone. You're making a down payment on the Beloved Community. Love is so strong, so powerful.
  • Voting is the most powerful nonviolent instrument we have.


I highly recommend watching the full video!

Posted in Living Peace Blog, Monthly Reflections on Nov 22, 2017


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