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Advocacy with Others - Corporations

Besides advocating for your position with elected officials, become  an advocate with others, including family members, friends, and associates; corporations; and the Church.


Many of the advocacy tools used to communicate with elected officials (see links on the main Advocacy page)  can work with corporations as well, particularly as part of a  coordinated campaign involving many other advocates. These tools include  well-focused petitions, social media messaging (Twitter, Facebook,  etc.), letters, emails, and letters to the editor. Phone calls and  visits to the corporation’s offices are less likely to be effective; and  of course, corporations don’t hold town hall meetings. Corporations are  sensitive to how they’re viewed by their customers and shareholders, so  direct lobbying of a corporation may need to be backed up by advocacy  directed at its public image.

Other tools available for  influencing corporations include public awareness campaigns to change  customers’ purchasing decisions; boycotts and divestment campaigns in  appropriate cases; and bringing corporate behavior to the attention of  regulatory agencies and lawmakers.

Return to the main Advocacy page for additional guidance on advocacy.

Posted in Advocacy on Apr 06, 2018


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