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From the war in Ukraine to increasing fossil fuel production to pouring more and more money into military spending, our leaders continue to make lethal choices for people and the planet. These actions are, to quote Pope Francis, "an affront crying out to heaven."

Our ad makes an urgent plea: tell our President, Senators, and Representatives to adopt saner choices now! Choose diplomacy over war, clean energy over fossil fuels, human needs over military spending, and nuclear disarmament over "modernization."

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Choose Sanity Now for People and the Planet

“The arms race wastes precious resources that  could be better used to benefit the integral development of peoples and  to protect the natural environment. . . . [It is] an affront crying out  to heaven.”

 Pope Francis, Address in Nagasaki 
(Nov. 24, 2019)

Lethal choices by our government:
  • Rushing more and more weapons to Ukraine—a decision that has prolonged and risked escalating the war.
  • Increasing fossil fuel production—a decision with disastrous consequences for a warming planet.
  • Approving unconscionable levels of military spending, including billions for nuclear weapons “modernization”—a decision with grim consequences for all humanity.

Urge our President and Congress to adopt saner choices:
  • Seriously pursue diplomacy and promote a negotiated end to the war in Ukraine ( https://bit.ly/39vT1w8).
  • Shift to clean energy and slash carbon emissions to mitigate the climate catastrophe ( https://on.nrdc.org/3y2qirD).
  • Redirect military spending to address the causes of conflict, injustice, inequity, and environmental catastrophe, as urged in Pax Christi USA’s Bread Not Stones campaign ( https://bit.ly/3shKXWj).
  •  Cancel spending on new nuclear weapons and adopt policies to reduce the threat of nuclear war, as urged in the Back from the Brink campaign ( https://preventnuclearwar.org).

For a background paper and information on contacting your elected officials, click here

Photos: Russia-Ukraine War by Efrem Lukatsky, AP (left), licensed under CC BY 2.0; Renewable Energy Park by Erich Westendarp, Wikimedia Commons, licensed under CC0 1.0 (right)