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<p><strong><img src="/storage/app/media/Checkpoint_near_Abu_Dis.jpg" style="width: 300px;" class="fr-fic fr-dib"></strong></p> <h3><strong>"A Response to Kairos Palestine: A Moment of Truth" -- May 2016 Statement of Pax Christi Metro DC-Baltimore (excerpt)</strong></h3> <p>While acknowledging the legitimate grievances of both Israelis and Palestinians and the responsibility of actors on both sides for violence against the other, we cannot ignore the gross imbalance of power in favor of Israel and the use of that power to sustain the occupation and annexation of Palestinian land, the presence and expansion of illegal settlements, and the wholesale blockade of Gaza. We affirm the right of Israelis to live in peace and security, but we are critical...</p></p>

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Act: Educate

Excerpt from education article

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Act: Advocate

<p>Pax Christi Metro DC-Baltimore members advocate on many issues relating to our mission. It's one of the most important things we can do to promote a culture of peace and justice in our society. Click on the links below for guidance on how to advocate effectively with members of Congress (MOCs) and other elected officials, and with others we may want to influence, including family members, friends, and associates, corporations, and Church officials.</p> <div class="row"> </div> <h3>Advocacy with Members of Congress (MOCs) and Other Elected Officials</h3> <p>                <a href="/post/advocacy-overview">Overview</a> -- <em>read this first, before going on to specific adv...</em></p>

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